• The Baltra 1400W Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful appliance that can help you clean your homes to perfection.
  • 5 Filter System with Washable Dust Bag
  • Copper Motor & Speed Control on Body
  • High Power Suction
  • Dust Full Bag Indicator.
  • Pedal On/Off Switch
  • Automatic Cord Re-winder.
  • Brand Baltra
  • Vacuum Type Handheld
  • Wattage 1400W
  • Adjustable Suction Yes
  • Wheels Yes
  • Model BVC 208
  • What’s in the boxMain Unit, Warranty Card ,Manual

Introducing the Baltra Vacuum Cleaner Marvel 1400 Watt BVC 208, a powerful and efficient cleaning solution designed to tackle all your home cleaning needs. This high-performance vacuum cleaner combines innovative technology with user-friendly features to deliver exceptional cleaning results.

The Baltra Vacuum Cleaner Marvel 1400 Watt BVC 208 is equipped with a robust 1400-watt motor, providing powerful suction to effectively capture dirt, dust, and debris from various surfaces. With its versatile cleaning attachments and accessories, this vacuum cleaner can effortlessly clean carpets, hardwood floors, upholstery, and more.

Featuring advanced filtration technology, this vacuum cleaner ensures thorough cleaning by trapping even the smallest particles and allergens, helping to improve indoor air quality. The easy-to-empty dust container allows for convenient disposal of collected debris, reducing the hassle of frequent maintenance.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the Baltra Vacuum Cleaner Marvel 1400 Watt BVC 208 comes with a long power cord that offers extended reach, allowing you to clean large areas without the need for frequent socket changes. The lightweight and compact design make maneuvering and storage effortless.

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with various cleaning modes and adjustable suction power, enabling you to customize the cleaning process according to different surfaces and cleaning requirements. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, reducing strain during extended cleaning sessions.

With its durable construction and high-quality materials, the Baltra Vacuum Cleaner Marvel 1400 Watt BVC 208 ensures long-lasting performance and reliability. Whether you need to clean your living room, bedroom, or even your car interiors, this vacuum cleaner is the ideal companion for a thorough and efficient cleaning experience.

Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Baltra Vacuum Cleaner Marvel 1400 Watt BVC 208. Its powerful suction, versatile attachments, and user-friendly features make it an essential tool for maintaining a clean and healthy living environment. Say goodbye to dirt and dust and enjoy a spotless home with ease.

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Baltra Vacuum Cleaner Marvel 1400 Watt BVC 208

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