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  • Net weight: 200g
    • Aromatic Spice: Coriander seeds are aromatic and have a warm, citrusy, and slightly sweet flavor, often described as a combination of citrus and sage.
    • Culinary Versatility: They are a common spice in various cuisines, including Indian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean, where they are used in both whole and ground form.
    • Herb and Spice: Coriander is a versatile plant; its leaves are known as cilantro and are used as an herb, while the seeds are used as a spice.
    • Digestive Aid: Coriander seeds are known for their digestive properties and are often used to alleviate digestive issues like bloating and indigestion.
    • Flavor Enhancer: They add depth and flavor to dishes such as curries, stews, soups, and pickles.
    • Health Benefits: Coriander seeds are believed to have potential health benefits, including antioxidant properties and possible cholesterol-lowering effects.
    • Seedling and Cultivation: The coriander plant produces small, round seeds that are harvested when they turn brown. It is relatively easy to grow and is an annual herb.
    • Common Pairings: Coriander seeds are often paired with cumin in spice blends and are a key component of curry powder and garam masala.
    • Preservation: To preserve their flavor, it’s best to store coriander seeds in an airtight container away from heat and light.
    • Roasting Option: Some recipes call for dry-roasting coriander seeds before use to enhance their aroma and flavor.
    • Home Remedies: In some cultures, coriander seeds are used in traditional home remedies, such as herbal teas, to address various ailments.
    • Global Usage: Coriander seeds are widely used in global cuisine, from Mexican salsas to Moroccan tagines, showcasing their versatility.
    • Alternative Names: Coriander seeds are also known as dhania in India and are sometimes called Chinese parsley due to their similarity in taste to cilantro leaves.
    • Coriander seeds are a staple in many kitchens due to their unique flavor and culinary versatility, making them a valuable addition to a wide range of dishes and cuisines.
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Dhaniya (Coriander Whole) 200gm

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